What Non-Profits Have That We All Want

August 21, 2012 | Posted by Michael C. Phillip in

Accepting a longer time horizon opens up new opportunities for non-profits to meet donors where they are and to engage them based on their interests. Only when efficiency is unseated from its prominent position in fundraising will non-profits be able to take a fresh look at creative ways to create and nurture relationships with their donors. I believe one of these ways is through information.... Read More


Nurture Or Nature?

August 09, 2012 | Posted by Michael C. Phillip in

Building off what we discussed in the last post, I believe a large reason why donors don’t spend much time on non-profit websites is because non-profits haven’t taken donor interests seriously. Or maybe it’s that they haven’t been honest with themselves about donor interests. Non-profits have articulated incredibly well what they would like from donors but there is a clear disconnect between those... Read More


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