Convicting Insights Of An Unfamiliar Place

August 25, 2013 | Posted by Michael C. Phillip in

I love going to new countries and experiencing cultures for the first time. Not only do I enjoy immersing myself in a new atmosphere and meeting the people of the culture, but it gives me a unique opportunity to reflect on the world around me. Everything I see demands my attention, because it all strikes me as new. Features of life I would normally overlook back home seem to stand out in vivid... Read More


Stories are, in many ways, the glue of our existence. They are the way we make sense of reality. Without a story within which to situate the numerous, disparate events of life, we wouldn't be able to function. Story strings the seemingly unrelated events of life together into one coherent whole. It is a means of creating order out of disorder, and understanding out of confusion. Think of our... Read More


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